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This is a list of suggested items for you to have for your new puppy.


*Large crate (with divider) for a medium sized Goldendoodle. 42" Remove divider as they grow.  Keeps them from going potty in the rear part of crate when they are young. 

*Medium crate (with divider) for a mini Goldendoodle 36"  

*Blanket or towel for crate  NOT SHERPA for the take home blanket (it holds onto sawdust;-)!

*Pen to attach to the crate, at least 30" tall


*Heavy duty pen with panels and gate

*Kiddie gate(s) to keep pup out of rooms or off stairs

*Collar for MEDIUM for medium sized, X-SMALL for minis...These are GREAT! 

*Harness in SMALL size….start pup for leash training with harness and then transition to collar


*ID tag

*Kitty litter pan and litter (wood pellets) for inside pen area for extended stays

*Food and Water dishes  

*Puppy food for first year:  Life's Abundance All Life Stages for medium-sized pups.  Life's Abundance Small and Medium Breed Puppy food 


*Purina Forti Flora probiotics MUST HAVE for anytime the puppy has stress, like coming home, vaccinations, or loose stools!!!!

*Benebone Puppy Pack chews

*“Pork Chomps”

*“Good and Fun” chew sticks 

*Natural (unbleached) rawhide chips

*Rubber Ball

*Stuffed toys without squeaker


*Clipper blades #10

*Clipper blades #3

*De-Matting comb with metal comb and scissors 

*Slicker brush with comb and nail trimmer



*"Nature's Miracle" 

*Human Nail Trimmer for puppies


*Nail Trimmer

*Nail Grinder 

Kwik Stop pads a must have if you are going to trim nails

*Paw Washer...large for minis and XLarge for medium sized dogs

*Shampoo plus Conditioner combo (people type) plus add peppermint or citronella essential oil        (40 drops into bottle of shampoo)

*Pooper Scooper 

Please text or email me pics.  I LOVE to see how they are doing!!!!!



(970) 290-8551


The puppy bag you will take home is a custom canvas tote that contains a Snuggle Puppy for comfort, a 6.6 lb bag of Life's Abundance dog food, pork skin chews, a small stuffed animal, assorted samples of Life's Abundance treats and supplements, the blanket that you left for your puppy which has its littermate scents on it, and the detailed medical records brochure.  Retail value is approximately $100

Please click on the video for a tour of the puppy pack.  FYI, vet visit is mandatory and no longer waived as of Nov 2020

The Miniature pups are receiving the Small & Medium Breed Puppy food and the Standard/Medium pups are receiving the Large Breed Puppy food.  You will receive a free bag when you take your pup home.  Save money by using autoship for the future orders. You must order your food thru this link for your health guarantee to be doubled;-)


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