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I'm Sorry, but we don't currently have any pups ready to take home.  Next pups are expected in May and June

Our Goldendoodle puppies come from genetically tested parents and are raised in our home following the Puppy Culture Program.

The puppies are mostly house trained when they go to their new homes and will also be trained to come when called.  Pups are wormed at 2,4,6 & 8 weeks and are vaccinated at 7 weeks.  Families are encouraged to bring their pup back to us for their additional 2 sets of vaccines at 11 and 15 weeks (included in the price).  It's like a family reunion!  My husband is a vet and this helps us to ensure that your pup has the most healthy and enriching upbringing.  Pups come with a one year health guarantee. Please fill out the puppy application and contact Kellie so that I can get to know you better and understand what your preferences are in a pup.  

Families choose their pup at around 5 weeks of age and do so in the order in which they place their deposit to reserve a pup.  Deposit is $200 towards the purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to future litters. A second payment of $200 when you choose your pup at 5 weeks of age is required. Saturday weekly puppy visits begin at 6 weeks.  The pups go home at 8 weeks. Please bring a blanket or a towel to leave with me so that I can send it home with your pup's littermate scents when you take your pup home. We do also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy.


Please check out our Facebook page for reviews, most current information, and photos: Triple Creek Goldendoodles

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Paris, AKC red abstract Poodle, is bred to Teddy, our mini F1b Goldendoodle to have miniature puppies born around May 19,2020.  Their pups will be 25 to 30 pounds and will go home mid-July. They will have red, red abstract and red Parti pups.   Price is $1500.  Deposit list is closed for now;-)

Ruby, AKC Poodle, is bred to Parker, our  F1 Goldendoodle to have  medium sized puppies born in the end of May with pups ready for their homes in August. Their pups will be 45 to 50 pounds.They will all be shades of red. Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN

Lily, AKC Poodle, will be bred to Teddy, our  F1b mini Goldendoodle to have miniature puppies born in June with pups ready for their homes August.  Their pups will be 20 to 25 pounds.  They will all be shades of red. Half of the pups should be Parti with lots of white.  All of the pups will have white on them (abstract). Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN

Lucy, F1 Goldendoodle, will be bred to Teddy, our  F1b mini Goldendoodle to have  F2b mini sized puppies born in June with pups ready for their homes in August. Their pups will be 20 to 27  pounds.They will be a rare color of seal and some red and gold abstract. This will be Lucy's last litter. Price is $1500.  Fist pics are some of their Jan 2020 pups. Deposit list is OPEN

Daphne, AKC Standard Poodle, will be bred to Teddy, our F1b Goldendoodle  to have mini puppies born in October, pups ready to go home around Christmas..  Their pups will be 20 to 27 pounds and shades of red, cream, gold, and black. 25% of the puppies will be Partis with > 50% white. All the other pups will be abstract.  Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN

Molly, F1b Goldendoodle, will be bred to Jackson, a chocolate Parti F1b Goldendoodle to have standard F2b Goldendoodles. Jackson is genetically tested and has had xrays done and he is perfect! All of the puppies will be chocolate with 50% being Parti and 50% abstract with white markings. The pups are due in November, take home Dec/Jan. I am VERY excited about these pups and I will have 1st pick!  They will weigh 55 to 65 pounds.  Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN

Darcy, F1b Goldendoodle, will be bred to Murphy, our miniature abstract chocolate phantom Poodle to have mini F1bb Goldendoodles, Darcy is a very rare color being wolf grey sable brindle Parti.  These pups will be of the most rare color combinations!   They will weigh 25 to 30 pounds. Pups to be born in December, take home in Jan/February. Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN

Ginger,AKC Poodle, will be bred to EITHER Parker, our  F1 Goldendoodle OR Teddy our Mini F1b Goldendoodle, to have puppies born in December with pups ready for their homes in January/Feb 2021 .They will all be shades of red.  First picture is Parker and Ginger's  Dec 2019 pups.  Price is $1500.  Deposit list is OPEN.  Please contact me if you are interested in a pup from Ginger and please specify if you prefer a mini or medium sized pup.  Voting OPEN ;-)

Please fill out and submit the Puppy Application.  Deposit of $200 reserves a pup.  You may mail a check or PayPal me a deposit.  Please follow instructions which are at the bottom of the puppy application page.  Please send PayPal as Friends and Family

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