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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work for adopting a puppy?

1.  Please visit the expected litters page and see which litters have openings on the wait/deposit lists

2.  Fill out a puppy application and wait to hear from Kellie prior to placing a deposit.

3.  You will be placed on the waitlist for the specific type of puppy that you describe on your application, for example: mini, medium, color, gender.....

4.  Kellie will contact you to confirm a litter that may have a pup that fits your preference

5.  You then decide if you would like to leave a deposit to reserve a pup from that litter.

6. Your last name will be listed under that particular litter on the Litter Deposit List page on this website, not necessarily in choosing order.

7. Once pups are born, Kellie will contact you again to ensure that you desire a pup from that litter.  You then pay the second payment of $200.  Names are then posted on the Litter Deposit Lists page in the order of choosing.

8. Kellie will take multiple individual pictures of the puppies and post them to the Triple Creek Goldendoodles Facebook during the week preceding puppy choosing.  Hopefully, this will assist you in narrowing down your choices;-)


8. Families choose their pups at around 6 weeks of age in the order of when they submitted their application.  Kellie schedules families for 1/2 hour to choose their puppy. The third payment of $200 is due when you choose your pup.  You bring the blanket to leave for your pup at this time too.

9. Kellie will send you updates and photos of your pup and also post videos to the Triple Creek Goldendoodles Facebook page.

10. You arrive at the scheduled time to pick up your pup around 8 weeks of age.  Prior to this, print out 2 copies of the puppy contract and fill them out and bring them along with the balance owed in cash.  The contract will be accessed thru a "button" with the names of the parents of the litter at the bottom of the Puppy Supplies page on this website.

11. Kellie sends home a puppy pack described on the Puppy Supplies page and also reviewed in a video, along with your ability to contact her at any time with questions or concerns.

What if I don't want a pup from a particular litter that I left a $200 deposit on?

Since deposits are not refundable, they are transferable to future litters.  We can discuss your preferences and preferred timing of your puppy going home.You will be placed on a future litter in the order in which you submitted your application.

Can families meet the parents of the puppies?  Can families come to meet puppies?

The majority of my breeding dogs live in guardian homes and I don't interrupt the lives of my guardian families with visits. Some of the females do live with us and occasionally we will have a scheduled visit to meet them. I do usually have the mommas here for you to meet when you come to choose your puppy.  Only families with a reserved puppy are able to meet the puppies when they come to choose their puppy during their scheduled time.  The health of our puppies is my utmost concern;-)

What type of genetic testing do we do?

We use Paw Print Genetics (Neogen) to test for heritable diseases and also traits.  There are a variety of companies that have begun a popular trend to attempt to identify breed(s) in dogs.  There is no regulation of this industry and there have been innumerous inaccuracies in the attempt to identify dog breeds.  Both AKC, CKC, and the various genetic breed testing companies all have disclaimers regarding these "results" . As a result, we will NOT refund nor replace any puppy that has it's breed lineage disputed through one of these tests.

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