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All Natural and Pasture Raised Meats

Custom Cut and Vacuum


Antibiotic and

Hormone Free

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Pastured Pork 

Our pork is fed  a custom feed and they have access to pasture, shelter, fresh water and mud.  

The meat is $4/lb, which is about 100 pounds.  the butcher fee is approximately $200

Grass-fed Beef

Our beef calves are raised here on our farm and are strictly grass-fed with no grain added....ever!  We raise our own hay which they are fed during the winter.  Our pastures are fertilized with composted manure. Beef is $5/lb with approximately $1/lb to the butcher, hanging weight. A quarter has an average weight of 200+ pounds. Total average cost for a quarter is approx $1800, which includes the butcher's fee.  The meat is custom cut per your instructions and is vacuum packed by a federally inspected butcher.

Pastured Chickens 

Our birds are fed  a custom feed and they are kept on pasture  and they have  shelter and fresh water. Their "tractor" is moved daily to fresh grass. 

The meat is $4/lb with the average weight of a dressed chicken being 6.5 lbs.  It is whole chickens only. 


I had a chance to sample some of the beef this weekend and it is arguably one of the best we've had over the past few years (considering other grass-fed sides we've purchased).                                   Erik P

Your chicken is the best we've tasted.  The breasts are HUGE!

Susan P

Just wanted to give feedback - we're super happy with the quality of the chicken.  We'll definitely reach out again for our next order.


WoW! My husband just finished grilling our early dinner... WoW!

The last few steaks we've grilled at home (& it's been awhile), we decided no more home cooked steaks! We just couldn't match the flavor that a good restaurant puts into their steaks!

WE NEVER NEED TO GO TO A STEAK HOUSE AGAIN!!!  I swear this is the best steak... & my husband agrees. 


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