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About Us

First of all, and most importantly, we are Christ followers and all that we do is for Him and to give God the glory!!!


My husband and I have been on our ranch for 19 years, since 2004.  We've been married  since 1989 and I met him his last year of veterinary school.  I was training horses when we met.  I had been training horses for 15 years at that time and continued for another 14 years.


We have 4 grown children and have 3 grandchildren, presently. We have been breeding animals for 32 years and dogs for a combined 19+ years, Goldendoodles for 8 1/2 years.  We bred Jack Russell Terriers when we first got married and we competed them in local trials in California when we lived there. I also took them to horse shows with me, when I was competing. I also began breeding Warmblood horses, the type that is ridden in the Olympics, in California.  The European judges travel to the the US once a year to score the current foal crop and we had 3 foals that were #1 in the US and 1 that was #1 in all of North America!  We bred these horses for 16 years. Once our children were old enough to be involved in 4H, we began breeding different types of goats for them to show.  We had a number of Grand and Reserve champions.  This we did for 10 years.  It was a LOT of work, but we all had fun. We also breed Dairy cattle which our children showed in 4H and we raise them now for grass fed beef. 


Once I was finished with homeschooling our kiddos and I had some "free" time, I was talking with a friend that raised and showed goats nationally and she told me that she was also raising Goldendoodles.  I thought that would be fun and that is how I got started. I am constantly reading and interacting with other breeders to help me strive to be the most knowledgeable breeder available. I thoroughly enjoy all of our dogs and the companionship and unconditional love that they provide.  I always have my "entourage" to accompany me here on the ranch.  It is a blessing to be able to share the joy that these Goldendoodles bring into my life with our puppy families and that is my true motivation!


To provide exceptionally healthy and intelligent puppies to families and to always be available to our families once puppies are home


Our Puppies are raised in our home as are all of our dogs, which are either in our home or in loving guardian homes.  I am an approved and preferred Good Dog breeder. I sleep next to the puppies and their momma for the first week and I have cameras on them for the times that I am not right next to them.  I begin Early Neurological Stimulation for them at 3 days of age and do this for 16 days.  this helps them to develop into intelligent and adaptive dogs.  I am constantly interacting and challenging the puppies to help them develop into excellent family members.  I do post on our Facebook page quite frequently with updates, photos, and videos.  I begin litter training with them at 2.5 to 3 weeks of age since that is when their natural instinct of moving away from their sleeping area to potty begins.  This helps them to differentiate where to potty and is a total game changer for house training.  They are provided with stimulating, ever-changing and challenging toys.  After they have received their NeoPar vaccine at 5 weeks, I then start taking them outside.  As I put them on the grass I tell them "go potty" because they already know that command.  The puppies are well on their way to house training when they go home at 8 weeks.  Puppies are taken to our vet at 7 weeks of age to confirm they are perfect before they go home with their families.  They are de-wormed 4 times and receive their 1st set of puppy vaccinations along with the parvo vaccination at 5 weeks

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I am continually educating myself to become the best breeder that I can be.  I recently listened to a podcast on DHA and development in the puppy.  DHA is critical for developing the brain and eyes in growing puppies.  They receive it in their mother's milk and also their food. This sparked a discussion with my husband, a veterinarian, who worked at Iams/Eukanuba over 15 years ago.  I am constantly assessing which food I am feeding our mommas and puppies.  In the past, I had fed Purina Pro Plan to our mommas and puppies because it was commonly fed by the majority of breeders.  I had a problem with loose stools in puppies and I didn't want to send them home like that.  I had heard about Life's Abundance so I decided to give it a try after researching the ingredients.  Within a day, the puppies' stools had firmed up and their weeping eyes had stopped, which was an added bonus!  I thought they were weeping from the dust in the wood pellets that I use for litter training.  I realized that it was from the aflatoxin (fungus) in the corn that is a main ingredient in the less expensive foods manufactured by many of the big name companies.....Purina, Iams, Eukanuba.....Corn and beet pulp are also GMOs which we avoid in our foods as a family. These companies also include only the minimum level of DHA, which is 0.1%.  Neither do they include probiotics, which are essential for gut health and a superior immune system.  Life's Abundance has 4 times the amount of DHA at 0.4% and also billions of probiotics and NO corn.  Dog food is an investment and I want to make sure that I am making a wise choice both for my dogs and also our customers.  After investigating DHA, I am once again convinced that Life's Abundance is my best choice.  Yes, I do make an insignificant commission, but setting that aside, I still highly recommend it!

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