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Our Reviews.....just some of them

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Here are some of the reviews copied from our Triple Creek Goldendoodles Facebook page.  Currently, we have over 90 of 5 star reviews.  This is for the families that don't have a Facebook account or would like to see see some of the reviews here on the website.  Thank you to all of our loving families that have taken the time to leave a review!

**While we are typically a ‘rescue’ family, it’s hard to find Goldendoodles available for rescue - which is a good thing!

Having said that, we a so grateful for finding TCG!! Kellie is professional and loving. Our Mini GD is one of THE BEST pets we’ve ever had in our family! Our puppy’s genetics, health and temperament are incredible and that’s all due to how Kellie goes about breeding her dogs.

There’s a reason her waiting list is so far out!!

**Our Bishop is from Celeste and Parkers October 2021 litter. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is people motivated. He loves to be loved on and will cuddle with everyone in the family. He is smart and training as been a good experience. I believe Triple Creek Goldendoodles provides the best start for their puppies and the puppies are well on their way to be house trained before they leave. I would adopt another puppy from them in a heartbeat. This is not a breeder that sells and ignores. They are there to help you with any questions you may have before and after adoption. They stand by their puppies.

**Our experience with a Triple Creek Goldendoodles has far exceeded 5 stars. The love and patience Kellie has for her dogs shows through every puppy. The communication was outstanding as we had to be moved to another list due to a puppy shortage. I am so glad we chose to go one Celeste and Parker’s October 2021 litter. Duncan is the sweetest and smartest puppy we could have asked for. The timing was perfect as well because we lost our Toy Fox Terrier the day before Christmas Eve and Duncan made the transition a little easier for my children. Kellie worked with us to ensure we chose the right puppy for our family and especially for our Autistic son. She knows her pups for sure! Celeste and Parker make sweet, mild tempered puppies and I might be a little bias but he’s sooo handsome too!

**We had a great experience with Kellie/Triple Creek Goldendoodles! We are first time puppy owners, and feel confident we chose the right breeder. Our puppy only got up once a night to go outside for the first 3-4 nights she was home, and has slept all night (or laid calmly in her pen) ever since! We feel we had a huge head start on potty training also, since the puppies come home already knowing “go potty.” I spoke with Kellie several times before our puppy came home about my concerns, and she gave me great direction and insight. She clearly cares about the puppies and knows what she’s doing. The information and links posted online were so helpful for us. I have zero complaints and no negative feedback at all. I’ve learned how important it is to find a good breeder!

**We could not be more pleased with our pup, he was from Celeste and Parkers October 2021 litter an F1B standard. He’s so smart and has no accidents in the house, which Kelley’s early training obviously helped with. He so loving, absolutely loves kids. He has picked up training with us so fast and we could not be happier. At 8 weeks he was 14.7lbs he’s now 33.8 at 14 weeks. We’ve also been using the life’s abundance dog food and if you get a standard size golden doodle I would recommend getting the biggest bag on a 4 week auto ship (we had a little trial and error).

**We could not be more pleased with our Triple Creek Goldendoodle-Joey will be 5 months old next week. He is training well and a quick leaner, I think a lot of his early puppy training with Kelli, accelerated his learning ability. Kelli keeps you up to date on the puppies from day one, until you pick up your puppy. We had fun, anticipating, videos and picture updates on FB, then once you chose your puppy, she updates you with individual pics. We did a-lot of research, looking for breeders with genetically tested to guarantee healthy pups, that treated the puppies as family and were interested in the pups progress with new families. We would recommend Triple Creek Goldendoodles without hesitation.

**We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Kellie at Triple Creek Goldendoodles and with our first puppy! Our new puppy is so playful and so easy to train. Kellie is great to work with. She loves and cares for all of her puppies like her own. Her early training helps make the transition for puppies to go home to their new families so smooth. I highly recommend her!

**I am so glad a friend recommended Triple Creek to us for our first dog. Our mini golden-doodle is so friendly and has been socialized well. She has done so well at potty training. She had a great start on crate training when she came to us. Kellie has been great to work with. Good communication. She loves what she does and raises well adjusted puppies with a good start on training.

**Absolutely wonderful experience going through triplecreek goldendoodles. Kelli is absolutely amazing! loves her dogs and their puppies. We could not be happier with our new baby! would highly recommend!

**What a wonderful puppy buying experience. Received pictures from the day of Blue’s birth to the day we took him home. A very kind, loving and thorough breeder!

**Every moment from conception to picking up our puppy was incredibly professional, caring and full of love.

Nan, Kathleen and Charlie

**I just visited and got to play with the adult females…just delightful! The owner is very knowledgeable and advocates for the health of each dog. She is thoroughly aware of their needs, and has the facilities to support her efforts in raising beautiful companions. I am putting in my application immediately!

**Everyone knows that 25th anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of silver, and 50th with gifts of gold. However, most people might not realize that 40th anniversaries are marked with gifts of ruby. We loosely interpreted that we should celebrate our 40th by adopting a puppy from an experience mom named Ruby! And we quite simply couldn’t have made a better choice!

Not only is Andy healthy, adorable and sociable but he came partially trained and already knew his name!! Andy is a sensitive puppy who suffered from separation anxiety during the first 24 hours and the fact that Kellie was just a quick text away was of more support and comfort than I can adequately describe! Even though her animals keep her constantly on the go, she always responded in an extremely timely manner and has even continued to check in on Andy’s progress. (FYI; Andy training is coming along nicely. The husband of 40 years still needs a bit of work.)

Kellie is an amazingly organized breeder whose website answers most any question one could think of, but is open to questions. Further, her list of supplies comes with links for purchasing the items that experience has taught her are the best.

For those reasons and many more that we’ve failed to mention, we highly recommend Kellie and Triple Creek Ranch!

**Kellie is the BEST! Highly recommend. She’s supportive and helpful and has the absolute best dogs!!!

**We highly recommend Triple Creek. Kellie is an excellent breeder. She is very knowledgeable and her puppies are absolutely adorable. The process is very organized. Kellie’s puppies are healthy and so very well cared for. She makes sure you have all the info you need to make your puppies transition as smooth as possible. Our Harley is absolutely wonderful. If you’re looking for a Goldendoodle look no farther. Thanks Kellie you’re the best

I kinda feel like I'm bragging by copying and pasting these.  I just wanted families to read some of the reviews posted to the Facebook page.  These are just a few of the first reviews of the 90+ that are shared there.

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