Puppy Rooms

Pups then graduate to the puppy room which is 12 x 12. This is where they begin with house training by using the pellet trays. The room is initially divided in half to facilitate them finding the trays.As they grow, I open the room up.  They have crates to sleep in and many stimulating toys.

The pups are born in the whelping box in our home where i keep a close eye on them,also using cameras I have in the whelping and puppy rooms.The pups stay there with their mom until they are walking and eating softened puppy food, until about 3 1/2 weeks.  The rails in the box keep momma from laying on a pup. There are foam mats and blankets under the pups and momma.

Bathing area and puppy visitation room

During nice weather, pups spend time out on the deck and out in the yard for house training.  We also have puppy visits here. Pups also learn to come when they are called.  I also work on teaching them to sit on command.  There is always something fun for them to be involved in!

What we Feed


I am constantly doing research to raise our puppies in the best possible way.  Recently, I have been speaking with other reputable breeders.  I am changing our dogs over to Life's Abundance dog food. Our puppies will be eating All Stages Life's Abundance and I will send them home with sample bags.  I will also double the one year health guarantee if you continue feeding your pup the Life's Abundance food.Please click on the photo of the dog food or the button and a page will open where you can order.

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